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trademybike in whitefall_icons

Futurama: The Why of Fry 04x10

+10 The Why of Fry icons
+comment // credit
+no hotlinking.


01. 02. 03. 04. 05.
06. 07. 08. 09. 10.


pssst, you should post these in futurama_icons, too. :D

I like them, numbers one and six especially. And 7. Hehehe. Great job!
Hey, mind if I add you to my personal journal? We've got a lot of likes :)
I noticed that too, and you're addeded :D
dude, pirates II was a let down :(
for the most part yes, but I looooved Davy Jones and his crew. :D Out of curiosity, why do you think so?
i agree totally, his crew was amaaaazing.

it just, dragged, and got confusing, and and.
eh. just wasnt as BAM as i had hoped.
I love #4! I'm constantly knitting socks when I should be doing other stuff, like cooking or cleaning or sleeping or working or ... well, you get the idea.
hehe Last summer all I did was knit. Mostly scarves, so I had something to wear for the cold Seattle winters. I haven't touched my knitting for awhile though.

I love your BSG and Firefly icons you have :)
Omg, where'd you get your knitting Bender icon? It's fantastic.
lezopez did that one. Don't remember the episode name, but he was brewing beer and knitting a bottle cozy.
4 and 9. I love the expression on Fry's face. xD
these are great! ('specially 'cos i'm in the mood for this episode - it was just on last night. XD)

taking a couple of 'em - will credit when they're used.
It seems like I just watched it a few nights ago while on a season 4 kick and I saw it was on last night and when I saw the one Nibblonian playing with the cat toy, I had to make icons.
Lovely icons, and a great episode to choose, too! I really like #s 2 (the aww factor kicks in), 3, and 10 is so adorable - I love how the Niblonians are so cute but somber at the same time. Heh.
Nice work!
you shouldve made one with fry on the little kid mobile poppy thing.
Theyre awesome! I will credit if used. Thanks for making them, love them! :D
Taking 9 : D Thankyou!
Taking 9 and 5. Thank you! Mmm, Fry.
taking a few :)
Ah, I love your icons!
These are excellent! Snagging #5, will credit.
I'm stealing Nasty in the Pasty and 01 and 02 D:

I love your iconnating skillz!
taking #9 :)
Hi, I took 6 and 9 and will credit. Thanks!
Taking a few. I'll give credit when I use them. :-)